Closed Beta Test Report

Thank you to everyone that participated in the FINAL FANTASY VII EVER CRISIS closed beta test.

We would like to share the results of the survey answers we received from those who participated in the closed beta test.
We have also included some comments from the development team, as well as major changes and improvements that are planned before the official release of the game.

We are also excited to announce that we will be adding an additional in-game reward at launch as a thank you gift for participating in the closed beta test.

Please see the details summarized below.

The CBT Report will cover the following topics

Responses Regarding Closed Beta Test Player Feedback

Please select a rating that represents your overall satisfaction with the test game.
Would you like to play this game when the full version is released?
Please choose an answer that applies to you.
Definitely want to play78%
Want to play12%
Want to play if certain points are improved9%
Do not want to play1%

Overall comments from the players

  • ・Impressive graphics for a mobile game.
  • ・Able to fully feel the FF7-like world/atmosphere.
  • ・Favorable that players can enjoy the FF7 series stories.
  • ・Great music.
  • ・Small buttons and text results in poor user experience navigating menus.
  • ・Not enough enhancement materials and stamina makes it hard to enjoy gameplay.

Comments from the development team

Nearly 90% of those who responded to our survey gave us a rating of 5★ or 4★ for overall satisfaction.
Despite the closed beta test version of the game having bugs and areas requiring adjustment, 90% of survey respondents answered that they "Definitely want to play" or "Want to play" upon the full release.

We received many compliments on the graphics, as well as the atmosphere of FF7.

We would like to mention the following feedback and comments that we received from many players:
・The menu is not easy to use.
・Not enough enhancement materials and stamina.

First, we will improve the lack of enhancement materials and stamina by removing the limit on the number of times stamina tonics can be used so that players can enjoy the game more easily.
The type and amount of materials required for various types of growth will also be adjusted based on the feedback we have received.

Regarding a "lack of playable content," the storyline in particular was not so extensive in the CBT version, and we plan to make improvements to the storyline and content in the release version.
The release version will have much more content including story content, so we hope that you will look forward to it.

We are working to fix the problems that we have identified before release.
We will continue to work on and refine this game that you have all been looking forward to, and we hope that you will enjoy playing it upon release.

Planned Adjustments

  • ・UI adjustments
  • ・Removal of the limit on stamina tonics
  • ・Removal of the maximum number of stamina boosts
  • ・Adjustment of the type and amount of materials required for various types of growth

Responses Regarding Story/Dungeon Content

Were you able to enjoy the entire story?
Please choose an answer that applies to you.
Somewhat enjoyed21%
Didn't really enjoy2%
Didn't enjoy1%
Did you enjoy the dungeon exploration parts of the story?
(Where the player walks around the field and collect items)
Somewhat enjoyed31%
Didn't really enjoy4%
Didn't enjoy2%

Overall comments from the players

  • ・The story is easy to follow.
  • ・The stylized low-poly models are very high quality.
  • ・The new original story (FS) is enjoyable.
  • ・The balance of nostalgia and novelty is great.

Comments from the development team

Nearly 97% of respondents rated the overall story as "Enjoyed or Somewhat enjoyed".

We received favorable comments on the graphics and the high level of consistent quality.
In particular, the cutscenes featuring the stylized low-poly models were highly rated.
After the release of the game, we aim to release a new chapter of the story on a regular basis.

In addition, the new original story "FINAL FANTASY VII THE FIRST SOLDIER" has received high praise.
In response to the better-than-expected response to the closed beta test, we have decided to distribute a Glenn-exclusive weapon, "5★ Apology in Hell," at the time of release.
This will be added as a thank you for your participation in the closed beta test.
This closed beta test was conducted in the form of a partially playable version of the 1st release edition of the game.
We hope you will enjoy playing through the story of "FINAL FANTASY VII THE FIRST SOLDIER" once the official service of the game starts.
Thank you for participating in the CBT. Development Team Gift(At time of release): Glenn-Exclusive Weapon 5★ Apology in Hell x1

Responses Regarding Battle

Were you able to enjoy the battle? Please choose an answer that applies to you.
Somewhat enjoyed26%
Didn't really enjoy3%
Didn't enjoy1%

Overall comments from the players

  • ・The battle productions and graphics were very good.
  • ・The fast-paced battles were fun.
  • ・Auto mode is comfortable to play in.
  • ・Coming up with strategies is fun.
  • ・Battles were long and monotonous.
  • ・Running out of time was stressful.
  • ・Unable to defeat strong enemies despite exceeding the recommended Power.
  • ・Unable to participate in co-op due to the limited time periods.

Comments from the development team

Almost 95% of respondents rated battle as "Enjoyed or Somewhat enjoyed".

This title utilizes elements from the active turn battle (ATB) system of the original FF7, while also aiming to update it for mobile devices in order to ensure a fun and attractive user experience.
We have received feedback that the battles are long and monotonous, but at the same time, it is fun to come up with battle strategies.
We have not released all of the battle content in the closed beta test, and we will have more content available upon the start of official service of the game.
We have intentionally designed the content so players can progress at an enjoyable speed while training their characters, and start to feel the strategic elements in the higher difficulty content.

There are areas that need to be improved, such as the time limit, glitches in co-op, and inconsistencies in recommended battle Power. We are working to fix them for the official release, and we hope you will look forward to playing the improved full version of the game.

Planned Adjustments

  • ・Content difficulty adjustments
  • ・Reassessing recommended battle Power
  • ・Extending the time limit during battle
  • ・Removing the time period limit to participate in co-op
  • ・Battle UI adjustments

Final comments from the development team

The development team is very grateful to everyone that signed up and played the closed beta test, and especially to those who put in more play time than we expected.
Thank you very much for your participation.
We are also extremely thankful for the many bug reports in the survey responses.
With your help, we are now able to work to resolve the issues brought to our attention before the official service launch of the game.

The feedback we shared here is only a portion of the many other comments we have received.
We are working on a wide range of improvements in addition to the those detailed here in order to create a game that will meet everyone's expectations.

Please stay updated by following our official Twitter page, where we will be posting the latest information regarding the game.

The development team is working hard to make sure that everyone can play as soon as possible, so we hope that you will be able to wait just a little longer for the official launch.

Thank you for your continued support for FINAL FANTASY VII EVER CRISIS.