Recruiting Closed Beta Testers (Android Only)


In preparation for the game’s release, we will be holding a closed beta test. We would like to use this opportunity to gather player feedback to improve the overall experience of the game. Only Android users are eligible for the closed beta test, and pre-registration is required for a chance to join the test. We want tons of players to join the test and hope you will consider registering!

Pre-registration Period

June 8 2023~ June 28 6:59 AM PST 2023(Tentative)

Closed Beta Test Schedule

July 6 2023 ~July 13 22:59 AM PST 2023 (Tentative)
*The specific dates for the closed beta period will be announced on the official Twitter and Facebook pages.

Recommended System Requirements

Compatible Device OS: Android 8.0 or later
Storage: Requires at least 8GB of free space
CPU: ARM v8a 64bit
SoC: Snapdragon 845 or later
RAM: Requires at least 4GB
*The above requirements are tentative and may change at the time of official release.
*As the title is still in development, unexpected errors may occur during gameplay.

How to Sign Up

  1. First read the requirements below regarding participation and then apply via "Sign up for Early Access".
  2. Once you have been re-directed to Google Play, tap on "Install" and make sure to check "Early Access" for your entry to be submitted.
  3. Players that are selected to join the closed beta test will be notified through Google Play.
    *Please note that registration does not guarantee that you will be invited to the closed beta.

Sign up for Early Access

Please read the requirements for Closed Beta Test before signing up.

Requirements for Closed Beta Test

・This test is limited to Android devices.
・Only players residing in the United States and Canada can participate.
・We are unable to respond to individual inquiries regarding player selection for the closed beta test.
・We ask that participants explore the game thoroughly and provide feedback.
・We will be unable to provide individual support for any problems that occur in the game during the closed beta test.
・Please note that the gameplay experience during the closed beta test may be subject to errors or other problems.
・Game data and progress from the closed beta test cannot be transferred over to user accounts after release.
・Some features will be unavailable for use during the closed beta test and some content will differ in the final release version of the game.
・In-game currency cannot be purchased during the closed beta test.
・The schedule and content of the closed beta test are subject to change without prior notification.
・Maintenance may occur without prior notification during the closed beta test period.
・Feature and balance changes may be implemented without prior notification during the closed beta test.
・Gameplay video & live streaming of the closed beta test may be carried out for personal use only in accordance with the guidelines for Square Enix West Material Usage Policy .


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