Weapon Enhancement Rally Event On Now




Thank you for playing FINAL FANTASY VII EVER CRISIS.
This is a message from the management team.

As of Feb. 25 6:00 PM PST, a Weapon Enhancement Rally Event is on now.

Event Period

Feb. 25 6:00 PM–Mar. 7 5:59 PM PST

How to Play

Progress through the event-exclusive battles while taking on Gathering Leveling Battles.
By clearing the Gathering Leveling Battles, you can raise your Item Gathering Level.
*Gathering Leveling Battles do not require repeated completion of battles of the same difficulty level.

In this event, a new Item Gathering feature has been implemented, where various items can be obtained over time.
Item Gathering can include Score Battle Keys that allow you to take on the Score Battle, as well as various valuable items such as material for weapon enhancement.
Also, the higher the Item Gathering Level, the more items you can acquire within a certain period of time.

Use the collected Score Battle Keys and take on the Score Battle.
In a Score Battle, you can earn Event Exchangeable Items based on the damage score you inflict on the boss.

Exchangeable Items that were collected in the quest can be exchanged for various items such as the 5 Wpn. Guaranteed Draw Ticket and Mythril Ore at the Exchange.

In Score Battle, you can choose Fortune Cards with various effects.
Select one Fortune Card to gain a battle effect.
Choose the Fortune Card that best suits your party formation and take on the battle.

Boss Information


Tips for Conquest

In Score Battles, the more damage you deal to the boss, the more rewards you can earn. Therefore, it is recommended to form a party that focuses on dealing damage.
In this event, Rufus and Scorpion Sentinel will appear as bosses.
Ice and Lightning Abilities are extremely effective against Scorpion Sentinel, so make sure to include Ice and Lightning in your party.
Plus, to fend off its powerful Magical Attacks, Magical Defense Up abilities are effective.
Physical Attacks are extremely effective against Rufus, so make sure to include PATK in your party.
Darkstar, who also appears at the same time, supports Rufus, so focus your attacks on it.
Form parties that are especially effective against each boss.

*This event will be unlocked by completing The Destruction of Mako Reactor 5 in CHAPTER 1 MAIN SECTION 3 EP 1 of the FINAL FANTASY VII story.

Please Note:

  • The period and content are subject to change without notice.
  • Images displayed in the Notices may differ slightly from those in-game.
  • Items at the Event Exchange are exchangeable for a limited time only.
  • This event may reappear in the future.

Thank you for your continued support of FINAL FANTASY VII EVER CRISIS.


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