Season Pass Treasure Hunt Season 2 On Now



Thank you for playing FINAL FANTASY VII EVER CRISIS.
This is a message from the management team.

As of Oct. 8 7:00 PM PDT, the Season Pass Treasure Hunt Season 2 is in effect.
Earn Exploration points and increase your Exploration Level to obtain various rewards.


Exploration Deadline

Oct. 8 7:00 PM–Nov. 4 0:59 AM PDT

Reward Collection Period

Oct. 8 7:00 PM PDT–Nov. 5 5:59 AM PST

*If the reward collection period has passed and there are unclaimed rewards that can be received through the season pass, all available rewards will be sent to the Gift Box.

What is a Season Pass?

With a Season Pass, you can earn various rewards by raising your Exploration Level.
The Exploration Level will increase by exploring and earning a certain amount of Exploration points.
Earn rewards for each Exploration Level you reach.
Exploration Level can also be increased by consuming Red/Blue Crystals.

There are three types of Exploration: Daily Exploration, Weekly Exploration, and Season Exploration, each of which is reset at regular intervals.

*Explore may be added during the period.
*Rewards can be obtained from the Season Pass screen after the Exploration Level has risen.

Treasure Hunt Season 2 Rewards

Rewards can be obtained through two types of Hunt Path, Normal Hunt and Premium Hunt.

Normal Hunt

This is the Hunt Path that is unlocked from the beginning.
Various items such as stamina potions and selectable memory exchange vouchers can be obtained according to the Exploration Level.

Premium Hunt

This is a Hunt Path that can be unlocked by purchasing the Premium Hunt.
When unlocked, you can obtain additional rewards according to the Exploration Level in addition to the rewards of the Normal Hunt.
Also, special rewards are prepared for each season of the Premium Hunt rewards.

Featured Rewards for Treasure Hunt Season 2

  • Wallpaper: Four SOLDIERs of Shinra
  • Gear Vouchers


Normal Hunt Total Rewards

  • Blue Crystal x1,500
  • Memory Voucher x20
  • Stamina Tonic x12
  • Gil x11,000
  • Grindstone Chunk x5
  • Materia Booster (L) x8
  • Bookmark x3
  • Chocobooster x3
  • Title plate x1

Premium Hunt Total Rewards

  • Wallpaper x1
  • Gear Voucher x1
  • Blue Crystal x4,500
  • Memory Voucher x60
  • Gil x33,000
  • Grindstone Chunk x15
  • Materia Booster (L) x24
  • Synthesis Bookmarkx9
  • Chocobooster x9
  • Power Pieces x100
  • Magic Pieces x100
  • Healing Pieces x100

*The total rewards listed are the total amount you can earn when you raise the Exploration Level to the maximum.

Please Note:

  • Please check the in-game help for details regarding the Season Pass.
  • The period and content are subject to change without notice.

Thank you for your continued support of FINAL FANTASY VII EVER CRISIS.


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