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Thank you for playing FINAL FANTASY VII EVER CRISIS.
This is a message from the management team.

As of Nov. 9 6:00 PM PST, the event A Resonant Waltz has started.

A portal opens to a realm shrouded in a mysterious fog!
Encounter and defeat the Black Waltzes—malevolent mages who desire destruction—and discover answers of your own.

Event Period

Nov. 9 6:00 PM–Dec. 7 5:59 PM PST

How to Play


Clear the event-exclusive quests.
Each time you clear a quest, you can acquire exchangeable items such as the Peridot and Black Feather, which can be exchanged for luxurious rewards at the Exchange.
Also, in this event battle, the crossover-limited weapon Vivi's Magical Gun of 3 to 5 will drop as rewards.
Aim for the Overboost to the maximum, and collect the crossover-limited weapon.


The exchange items you collect in quests can be exchanged for various items such as crossover-limited Gears and Weapons, 4+ Weapon Guaranteed Draw Ticket, Character-Specific Weapon Parts, and Memories at the Event Exchange.


The Lucia-exclusive weapon, Vivi's Magical Gun, can be obtained through the Exchange or by clearing event battles. Acquire multiple to Overboost it.

Boss Information


Tips for Conquest

Black Waltz 1 has resistance to Ice, and uses its Healing Ability when the HP of its' allies decreases.
Black Waltz 2 has resistance to Fire, and retaliates with powerful magic when the Force Gauge of Black Waltz 3 is depleted.
Black Waltz 3 has resistance to Fire, Ice and Lightning and becomes immune to Physical Attacks and vulnerable to Magical Attacks when the Force Gauge "Flying" is activated.

Also, as Magical Attacks are frequently used, abilities that have MATK Down and/or MDEF Up are effective.

Reward Bonus


By setting up featured crossover-limited weapons or gears in the FINAL FANTASY IX Crossover Draw (Cloud & Tifa) and clearing the crossover event A Resonant Waltz, you will receive a reward bonus.
Due to the reward bonus effect, the amount of obtainable Event Exchange Items "Peridot" and "Black Feather" increase.
Also, by Overboosting weapons with reward bonus effects, you can increase the bonus effect value. *It does not increase at all stages of Overboost.
Please check the effect value of the reward bonus from the Bonus Details in the party formation screen within the event.
*Regardless of whether the weapon is a main or sub equipment, forming a party with it will activate the reward bonus effect.
*The effect of the reward bonus is applied in duplicate for each target weapon or gear when multiple are organized at the same time, but the increase limit is 200%.
*The reward bonus effect of the crossover-limited weapons "Zidane's Sword" and "Amarant's Claws" is an effect that applies only to the crossover event "A Resonant Waltz" and does not apply to rewards other than this event.
*Reward bonuses will not be applied to rewards other than exchange items "Peridot" and "Black Feather".
*In Co-op Battles, the reward bonus for the target weapons or gears are added to each player who has matched and formed a team.
*Some weapons obtainable in this event also have reward bonuses, but the effect values differ from the images.

About the calculation formula when the amount of rewards obtained increases

  • After multiplication, round off to the first decimal place.
  • When using Stamina Boost, multiply the final total reward per item by the bonus percentage, then round off to the first decimal place.

Draw Information


As of Nov. 9 6:00 PM PST, the FINAL FANTASY IX Crossover Draw (Cloud & Tifa) is available.
Please check the corresponding notices for information on each Draw.

Event Mission Information


By completing the Event Missions, you can acquire items such as the A Resonant Waltz Wallpaper.
Please check the mission button on the event screen for details.

*This event will be unlocked by completing the The Destruction of Mako Reactor 5 in CHAPTER 1 MAIN SECTION 3 EP 1 of the FINAL FANTASY VII story.

Please Note:

  • The content may be subject to change without notice.
  • Images displayed in the Notices may differ slightly from those in-game.
  • Items at the Event Exchange are exchangeable for a limited time only.
  • This event may reappear in the future.

Thank you for your continued support of FINAL FANTASY VII EVER CRISIS.


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